Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness in the HIV/AIDS Community 

Our Mission

Siloam enriches the well-being of people impacted by HIV/AIDS by providing a broad range of integrative mind / body / spirit services that empower them to develop skills and personal strengths leading to more meaningful lives


 Created in 1995 “SILOAM offers a safe, caring, hope-filled environment that welcomes men, women, and children of all races, creeds and orientations, who are infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS to make choices and set goals related to their overall wellness. Siloam’s integrated programs pay attention to the healing of the whole person body, mind and spirit as a complement to traditional medicine. Siloam pays particular attention to helping people access (what they already have within them) their spirituality for the purpose of wellness... Offering a variety of programs and services created to nurture people infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS, we welcome you to this most wonderful center where healing, light-heartedness, tenderness, and safety help us to get in touch with and claim who we really are!


Quotes from our founders:

Siloam is a place of laughter, listening, healing touch and safety; a place to carry and to be carried. No one who enters the house leaves it untouched by those experiences. I thank those who made it happen and I am humbled by those who create and recreate every day, a place of safety, affirmation and wellness for all of us who are part of the HIV/AIDS community".                                                                                              Don Reilly, OSA


“Over these years, I’ve been profoundly touched, and challenged by the rich diversity of people I’ve been privileged to meet at Siloam...touched by this breadth of spirit I’ve encountered, and challenged to be more authentic, joyful and one...those living with HIV/AIDS have much to teach us...”                                                     Bernadette Kinniry, RSM



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