Support and Discussion Groups

Groups facilitated by trained professionals that allow people to share experiences and concerns with others who understand in a safe, confidential, and compassionate setting.  Current on-going groups at Siloam are:

  • Group for HIV Positive Men & Women
  • HepC/HIV Dually Diagnosed group
  • Sex, Sexuality, and Wellness group

Spiritual Direction is also available by appointment.


Retreats provide an opportunity to get outside the normal routine to reflect on matters relating to one’s feelings of connectedness to self. 

  • Monthly half-day on-site retreats provide an additional opportunity for reflection, sharing, and personal growth. Please note that registration is required for both. 
  • Three-day off-site retreats include group discussions, creative arts, body work, and time to relax.

Individual Support

Siloam provides one-on-one spiritual direction to assist those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS in exploring their life’s meaning and concerns. Individual counseling with our onsite therapist is also available. Please call for an appointment.

Research is increasingly providing evidence of how integrative therapies can improve overall wellness, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and enhance the mental outlook for people with HIV.

  • Massage relaxes muscles, increases circulation and releases tension
  • Reiki increases energy flow and restores balance by focusing on the body’s energy field
  • Chi Kung improves balance and focus,
  • Yoga increases flexibility, lowers blood pressure, improves mood and enhances breathing.
  • Yoga and Chi Kung are offered as weekly, ongoing classes. No previous experience or registration is necessary and you can start at any time. 

Siloam offers massage, Reiki, and reflexology on an individual basis. Clients may schedule one appointment per month. Please note that bodywork is provided by certified practitioners who volunteer their time, so our ability to offer these services is dependent on their availability.

Bodywork Therapies



Mind. Body. Spirit.



Yoga is back! We are happy to announce the Return of gentle Vinyasa Yoga to our program offerings at Siloam! We will also be featuring Chair Yoga, which is a modified form of Yoga that is practiced on a chair and is a great option for clients struggling with mobility.

Lunch & Learn

1-2 programs per month presented by both staff and invited experts. These informative sessions are on topics related to HIV, related medical conditions (e.g., diabetes, lipodystrophy, and hepatitis C), psychological issues (e.g., depression and anger), relationship issues (e.g., family matters and dating), and life skills (e.g., financial matters, legal issues, and employment).


Nutrition Matters – People with HIV/AIDS frequently develop conditions that require a special diet. These sessions, taught by a registered dietician, help participants understand the importance of good nutrition and learn about topics related to HIV, such as high cholesterol, side effects from medications, and eating well for less help.