Philly Donor Message

Siloam is a platform for HOPE in a city that loves an underdog. We offer COMPASSION, DIGNITY, and TRANSFORMATION to everyone impacted by HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia...all 1.5 million of the only holistic HIV/AIDS wellness center in the nation.

Thanks to advances in medicine paired with PHILLY-GROWN holistic services. A PROVEN model for complementary care is preparing to SCALE its services for the FIRST TIME. It is a chance to enjoy the satisfaction of helping forever change the city of Philadelphia in the eyes of our neighbors and the nation.

For anyone who loves to see an underdog come back to win an unfair race, we offer, EASY and highly LEVERAGED ways to support the work at Siloam.

Our donors contribute essential financial support and are inspired by the TRANSFORMATIVE experience of being a member of the Siloam community. They sit in a VIP seat alongside one of the great stories of our time...where COMPASSION paired with SCIENCE is overcoming a monsterous disease.

Philadelphia struggles with so many challenges, and today we have the chance to go from being another tragic one of the nations HIV/AIDS become one of the great TURNAROUND stories of all time.

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