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Philadelphia HIV Wellness Center fights to keep doors open!

A well-known HIV wellness center in Philadelphia has launched a crowdfunding campaign in a desperate attempt to stay financially afloat. 

"We are 30 to 60 days away from closing our doors," said Sarina DiBianca, executive director of Siloam Wellness center. 

DiBianca says they need to raise upwards of half a million dollars in 30 days to stay afloat.  

"Everyone comes here and gets their daily services, whatever that be, for free. We also have Lunch and Learns, we have a food pantry. Well, all of these things take funds," DiBianca said.

She says the gap between donations, grants and the cost of providing services has grown so wide that they've reached the breaking point.  In a last ditch effort to keep the doors open, DiBianca has started a GoFundMe campaign.

"We would like to raise two years of operating cash," she said.

Siloam provides counseling, education, food and other services to more than 30,000 people infected with HIV/AIDS.

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When people enter the Drexel family health center they are given a list of our services. Our website, area clinics and hospitals refer to Siloam. Our services run year round and there are no special requirements for people to benefit. Over 89% of our clients are on Medicaid and live under $25,000 per year. Any marketing materials are used to target this area.