Meet Our Friends

Siloam is home to many people


Hello, my name is Kenneth J. White.  I was born in Philadelphia Pa on 8/24/1958 – a time of great social change, afraid, ashamed and sad most of my life.

I was diagnosed with AIDS in the early 90’s. I was in a rehab facility when I received the news and asked not to leave, but was isolated from group activities.  I knew it was time to leave and they were happy to help me pack. So I stayed afraid, alone and very sick for the next 8 years.  My drugs were my meds, I knew it was time to seek help for myself from another long term rehab that promised to be different for people living with HIV/AIDS.  And this place was not far from Siloam Wellness. Spirit brought me to Siloam—this place of peace; a sanctuary for the weary traveler, as I call it in my poem.

Siloam teaches the song my heart sings.  It is a song of compassion, a song of knowing that you belong, a

Song of wisdom and healing.  Ok, it been 20 years and I know this to be true: I could not be who I am today if not for Siloam.  Now, I am certified Reiki master teacher, SIFU Senior group instructor, QiGong and TaiChi certified Silver Sneaker instructor.  Reiki, QiGong and TaiChi were all introduced to me as Siloam’s programs when I started.  Now, I pay it forward as a volunteer service provider to other clients.  I also work as an inspirational speaker, playwright, artist and poet.

I am alive and clean; full of hope and filled with purpose.  I participated in the 2017 “Putting Care at the Center” conference in Los Angeles because I believe that it is when one does that, that people can live and thrive in spite of all obstacles.  I know that Siloam has done that for me.