Full Court Press For Awareness

- A young black girl is 8x more likely to be infected with HIV than a young white girl
- 1 in 4 new HIV infections occurs in youth ages 13 to 24 years.
- About 60% of all youth, with HIV do not know they are infected, are not getting treated, and can unknowingly pass the virus on to others.

Full Court Press For Awareness is a 3 point shooting competition between schools in the Philadelphia area. The purpose is to raise awareness for the rising H.I.V. rates in teens / young adults in Philadelphia.

Siloam Wellness was able to hold the first ever event last month and it was a incredibly successful event. The kids who participated all wanted to know when the next time they could compete was. Siloam WILL hold more of these events.. but needs YOUR help to do it!

Below is a video of the High School Girls Division competing in last month's Full Court Press For Awareness event.

High school girls division


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