Siloam Wellness Center

An HIV/AIDs organization that allows you to find friends who understand the challenges of life!

Why Siloam Wellness?

Siloam enriches the well-being of people living with HIV/AIDS by providing a broad range of integrative mind, body and spirit services and programs. Our vision is to support an HIV community that is vibrant, safe, empowered and free from stigma. As well as prevention in youth 13-24 years of age.

Expand Your
Support Group

Expand your support. No one gets through life alone! Siloam offers one-on-one counseling, a weekly trauma support group and HIV/AIDS support group and the “Man Cave” support group.

Proactive Support

Be Proactive with Yoga, chair yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Tapping, dance movement classes. Energy healing classes such as Tapping, meditation in motion, Motown dance cardio and much more.

Free & Regular

Monthly ½ retreat group with Sr. Bernadette Kinniry and MANNA cooking class. Siloam also has 3 incredible Reiki Masters, call and make an appointment for energy healing.

Winner for the 2022 Philadelphia
Social Services Organization Award

Expand your support. No one gets through life alone! Siloam offers one-on-one counseling,
a weekly trauma support group and HIV/AIDS support group and the “Man Cave”
support group.

Siloam's 3rd Annual Full Court Press For Awareness

Covid Steps

Siloam believes in the science behind COVID-19. We continue all programs online for the protection and safety of our friends. In our Zoom classes, we have people who join in as far away as Rwanda, Africa!

- Siloam Wellness Center

Philanthropy in Phocus - Tommy D in the Attic

Listen to Sarina DiBianca on Philanthropy in Phocus To Learn About Siloam and The Approach The Organization Takes to Help Those With AIDs and HIV.
Sarina DiBianca, started 26 years ago in the midst of the AIDS pandemic to help with the mind, body, and spiritual wellness of those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Siloam Doesn’t Just Treat The HIV/AIDS Virus


A Complete Holistic Wellness Center:

Meet the Team

See What Members Are Saying About Us

Michael Clanton
Michael Clanton
If I could give more stars than 5, I would give a 10 star! We missed your old Volunteer Coordinator/Administrative Assistant, Dawayne White. He was a compassionate and dedicated worker in assisting everyone he could when possible. He was professional and very educated at what he did through working with Siloam. EVERYONE talk about his captured beautiful smile, eyes, and great work ethics. He cared for us when no one else did. The company has changed a lot since his departure. Maybe the company CEO should contact him to bring him back! COME BACK DAWAYNE!!!!!
Place of healing & support
William Gordon
William Gordon
I find myself in a quandary. Siloam was there to redirect me back to my spiritual center . But it lacks the vision to grow and meet clients at their level of comprehension. There is an attitude of White Privilege 😂 that knows what is best for those poor souls. The problem is they are blinded to the needs of the HIV infected and affected people. Only having demeaning benevolence that is self serving....
Jonathan Pickens (PhillyGradStudent)
Jonathan Pickens (PhillyGradStudent)
Staff is caring, empathetic, professional and the best people. Environment is warm. I feel at home here.

Why Donate?

The Needs of People with HIV/AIDS Extend far Beyond


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One-on-one counseling, weekly support sessions with those living with HIV, as well as support sessions for caregivers.


  • Increased self-esteem

  • Greater adherence to medical, nutritional and mental health protocols

  • Acquisition of problem solving, communication, and coping skills addressing issues of disclosure, stigma and negotiating complex systems of care and support

  • Decreased feelings of isolation and depression

  • Learn to love oneself


Choice Food Pantry, Massage, Tai Chi, Reiki, Chi Kung, Yoga, Meditation, Reflexology, Healthy Cooking, Chair Yoga, Spirit Dance and Silver Sneakers.


  • No Healing Can Begin If You’re Hungry

  • Muscle relaxation​

  • Increased circulation

  • Released tension

  • Increased energy flow

  • Improved balance and focus

  • Decreased cramping

  • Decreased edema

  • Reduced Depression



  • Improved relationships

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Reduction of stress levels


All of us, by nature, are spiritual. It is innate in each of us, regardless of our age, race, religion or non-religion.

Spirituality was in existence since the beginning of creation. Religion came much later, seeking to nurture and celebrate spirituality. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it does not.

Spirituality means relating in ways that are mutually life giving. It embodies and celebrates our inter-connectedness, not only with others, but also with nature, with our very self, with higher power….however one knows that to be, and with those who have gone before us, and those who will come after us.

Spirituality is a lived experience, a conscious involvement in the project of life integration via self-transcendence toward the ultimate value one perceives.

Spirituality’s ultimate purpose is integration, ever in ways that are mutually life-giving.