About Siloam


Founded in August 1995 Siloam offers wellness services for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Siloam’s integrated approach to HIV care acts as a complement to traditional medicine. Our programs

and services focus on the whole person–body, mind and spirit. Our full range of services address the

mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of persons living with and or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Some of these services are particularly geared to those who are HIV positive and other programs are

open to family and friends as well of those who provide services to the HIV/AIDS community.

Our Mission: to enrich the well-being of people impacted by HIV/AIDS by providing a broad range of integrative mind / body / spirit services that empower our clients to develop skills and personal strengths leading to more meaningful lives.

Our Vision: A vibrant safe and empowered HIV/AIDS community, free from Stigma


One-to- one counseling, weekly support sessions with men and women living with HIV, as well as support sessions for Care Givers.

o Increase in self-esteem

o Greater adherence to medical, nutritional and mental health protocols

o Acquisition of problem solving, communication and coping skills addressing issues of

disclosure, stigma and negotiating complex systems of care and support

o Decrease in feelings of isolation and depression


Massage, Reiki, Chi Kung, Yoga, Meditation.

o Muscle relaxation

o Increased circulation

o Released tension

o Increased energy flow

o Improved balance and focus

o Decreased cramping

o Decreased edema

o Decreased inflammation


One-on-one spiritual counseling with a trained Spiritual Director.

o Improved relationships

o Increased self-esteem

o Reduction of stress levels